About Us

About Us

The I Love Windsor concept was the brain child of Darren Pead in 2010.

As the owner of a retail store, GuyStuff Gifts and Collectables in Windsor, he was inspired to find a practical way to encourage more visitors to Windsor. In his mind, Windsor's old country town ambiance, rich history, ecclectic shopping experience and quaint cafes had long been enjoyed by Sydneysiders in the know, but it was time to spread the word.

What better way than to create a website, Twitter and Facebook presence and tell the world about Windsor! With Darren providing the finance and Viktoria Darabi his colleague and friend providing the legwork and maintenance, Tanzie Clarke of Kaleidoscope providing the logo and John Garrett of Softcom Web Solutions providing the web design - I Love was born.

This site brings together all the health, beauty, fashion, gifts, homewares, food, pubs, clubs, services, history and entertainment offerings in one place, so the daytripper, weekender or shortbreaker knows what's on offer.

Darren Pead and Viktoria Darabi

Darren Pead and Viktoria Darabi promoting "Sydney's Hidden Gem."